Leaves, Leaves, Leaves,

Upon leafy trees,

In Autumn they blow down,

Drifting beautifully round,

Dancing like merry fey,

They float and drift away,

The leaves scatter,

What do they matter,

All the same in the end.

Leaves on trees. poetry poet poem writer author

Leaves on trees.


The Hunt

A horn toots, the trample of hooves,

Dogs chase, the fox gets away!

Run, fox, run fox!

Tally ho the people go.

Tired out, people dismount,

Run, fox, run fox!

Over there, the fox is scared,

The dogs hear, get near,

Run, fox, run fox!

The dogs surround, the fox falls down,

The people whoop, the game is up,

Run, fox, run fox!

They near a ridge, a broken bridge,

Everyone falls, people and all,

Run, fox, run fox!

The fox grips, the fox slips,

The people cry, the fox climbs,

Run, fox, run fox!

The fox climbs, the fox tries,

The fox is hurt, the fox gets worse,

Run, fox, run fox!

The fox dies, joins the foxes in the sky,

Run, fox, run fox!

This poem was written in protest of foxhunting.