A grey horse, Gospel Pass, Wales. photo

A grey horse, Gospel Pass, Wales.


Spring is upon us, nature awakes,

She brings up the flowers and unfreezes lakes,

The babies are born to the animals who mourn,

As the people steal, the animals’ corn.


Slow and Steady

Slow And Steady

Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England.

Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England.

A tortiose and a snail, one day had a race,

Both in competition, at a slow and steady pace.

The tortoise plodded on, the finish was so near,

But when he arrived, the snail was already here!



Pen Y Fan, south wales

Stormy Weather

On a sunny day when winds don’t blow,

The water rises with a clear glow.

Gathers slowly into clouds,

Angry, surly, swirly clouds.

Boil and broil and put on weight,

The world is dull and that we hate.

The spotty, spattering rain comes down,

Takes up heart and meets the ground.

Bigger drops rain from the sky,

Stomping storming, hurrying by.

Then two clouds meet and shout aloud,

‘I’m a cloud and I am proud.’

They light the sky with lightning glow,

And angry, catchy winds that blow.

Finally, the storm subsides,

But we all remain inside.