Leaves, Leaves, Leaves,

Upon leafy trees,

In Autumn they blow down,

Drifting beautifully round,

Dancing like merry fey,

They float and drift away,

The leaves scatter,

What do they matter,

All the same in the end.

Leaves on trees. poetry poet poem writer author

Leaves on trees.


My World

Dewdrops tinkling in the springtime,
Rain as it dances on the ground,
Long hair glittering in the sunshine,
Lightning from a silver cloud.

Starlight glowing like a firefly,
Wind as it clears the leaves away,
Misty mornings is a sweet time,
A blanket over where I played.

Brecon Visitor Centre, Wales poem poetry writer

Brecon Visitor Centre, Wales

This is for the WordPress discover challenge: Transcript because this poem was in my notebook archive, and I thought I’d start writing that up again as my New Year’s resolution (yes, it’s halfway through January. But it’s also the first day of the rest of my life)!